Pending weather and maintenance the last day of water will be September 4th. Thank you to all of BRID’s water users for the great season!

Bitter Root Irrigation Disrict

BRID services 16,665 acres along a 72 mile stretch from Lake Como to the Eagle Watch area southeast of Florence. The main canal has an initial capacity of 350 cubic feet per second. As of 2022, the District services approximately 1,600 water users.

Frequently asked questions

No. Please call Bitter Root Irrigation District office and talk to the Office Manager or the Manager and they can tell you how many I. A. you have for that piece of property.

No. BRID’s water is 24/7 continuous flow. It’s not like a savings account where you save your water and use it at a later date.

No. Again, BRID’s water is on a 24/7 continuous flow.

Anytime you sub-divide, make a boundary adjustment, or have a family transfer PLEASE come to the office with a plat map and update your information on your property.

$39.50 per irrigated acre and a $210 annual account charge per water user. The 3 Mile Subdistrict has an additional $16.00 Per irrigated acre to maintain the system.

To check out all the frequently asked questions and our answers, please visit the FAQ page