The district delivers 1/2 miners inch per irrigated acre. This is equal to 5.625 gallons per minute per irrigated acre. If you irrigate with sprinklers that are calibrated to deliver 5.5 gallons per minute, you should be able to run one sprinkler per irrigated acre.

Operation and maintenance roads along the main canal are for district access only. These roads are not public roads. Lateral maintenance (cleaning of ditches) from the main canal to the point of delivery is the responsibility of the users of the lateral. Water will not be delivered to laterals that have not been properly maintained.

Interference with head gates or measuring devices is cause for non-delivery of water.

Subdivision/Family Transfer/Boundary Changes

Please Read Carefully

No water will be delivered to any divided farm unit until an approved water allocation form, a copy of current plat map and a drawing of the proposed delivery system has been approved from the board of commissioners of the Bitter Root Irrigation District. The owner under title to the land must sign the allocation form. The term subdivision may include any boundary changes of irrigated land as well as any family transfers that have irrigated land.

Request for approval must include: A detailed design drawing prepared by a person with expertise in designing irrigation water delivery systems, showing the size and location of all existing ditches, abandoned ditches, new and existing pipelines and appurtenances, existing and proposed easements, and new existing turnouts. The drawing shall also show the allocation of water to each unit in the subdivision and the proposed method to restrict the amount of water to each allocated unit.

The approved subdivision may be required to install a meter and valve. These devices shall be used to avoid supply and administrative problems. It is the responsibility of the Homeowners Association or water users on that meter to ensure the meter is in good working order either by repairing or replacing the meter.

It shall be the responsibility of the Sub Divider, Homeowners Association or water users to provide an easement for all buried equipment. Water users on the system will be responsible for the up keep of the entire system.

For further information, please contact the BRID office. 961-1182

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