The BRID crew has spent the first couple of months of this off-season replacing expansion joints on Siphon II in the Skalkaho area. One replacement is a salvaged slip joint from the Siphon I Phase III project. Another is a newly purchased expansion joint.

As of September 19, 2016, work has begun on the Siphon I Phase III Project. Our BRID crew is starting the demolition work and removal of the old pipe. More pictures will be added as work progresses.

Our water users voted overwhelmingly in favor of the District’s Siphon I, Phase III project bond. The early phases of this project are well underway. 900 feet of 105-year-old pipe and the supporting bridge structure spanning the Bitterroot River will be replaced. Phase III also involves replacing pipeline that runs underneath Highway 93 and adjacent railroad tracks. Morrison-Maierle Inc, a local engineering firm, has finalized two bid packages which are currently being advertised. One bid package is for the procurement of materials; the second for installation and construction. Staging will take place over the summer and major construction will begin in early to mid-September of this year, once the water has stopped flowing. This picture shows the current condition of the pipeline. As the project gets going, photos of the progress will be posted.

Siphon 1, Phase 5: The Bitter Root Irrigation crew replaced an expansion joint at Harlan Gulch off of Old Darby Road in February and March. Routine maintenance and minor repairs were also performed on this portion of the pipeline, including patching a hole that was discovered along the bottom of the structure.